Thursday, February 14, 2013

DIY Paper Garland

I've joined a club.  A good old-fashioned "sign-up-on-the-bulletin-board-in-the-cafeteria" sort of club.  Okay, more like "email-seven-girls-who-like-to-use-a-hot-glue-gun-while-drinking-sauvignon-blanc" sort of club, which they didn't have at my high school, but if they did, I totally would have been president.  (Just kidding, Mom, I totally never drank wine in high school.  I drank Zima.)

The subject of said club?  Pinterest, or more specifically those Pinterest projects you pinned and pined over and that you've been meaning to try but have never gotten around to.  Here's how it works:

What You Need: Friends who are into making stuff.  Bonus points for friends who get a little trash-talky when they drink.
What You Do: Each participant selects and Pinterest project they've wanted to try.  You then make or bake (or fake) your project, creating enough that each person gets to take one home. It's not a competition, but let's face it.  There's at least one girl in every group who you know is going to bring the heat.

My pin of choice?  Well you know I've loved Confetti System for a long time (2011...2012...), so when I came across a version of Confetti System's paper garland on Linen, Lace and Love, I pinned that sucker faster than you can say, "Judy Paper Garland".

The directions provided by Jen + Jess, which you can find here, are really lovely and quick.  And although their guide to folding and cutting yields four pom poms per sheet, I needed something even faster since I had eight mini garlands to make (and two kids with other plans for my time), so I modified their version to create eight mini pom poms instead of four larger ones.  Even better, you can do as many as four sheets of tissue paper at once, making 32 pom poms at once.

What You Need:
tissue paper in assorted colors
mylar paper in silver or the color of your choice

What You Do:

I just love these! I strung them up in the kids' playroom until I had to fork them over.

And since they were so easy, I even whipped up an extra to adorn my sweet friend Tiff's birthday gift.

Tiff's one of those girls who all kinds of lovely stuff.  What do you get the girl who has everything?


Have you ever done a Pinterest party? Tomorrow I'll post what all the other gals whipped up...prepare to be amazed.

XO and thanks for being my valentine.

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