Friday, February 1, 2013

Firefighter Mommy is Taking This to New Heights

There is only one person who matters in our house right now, and that person is Fireman Sam, a claymated British firefighter charged with keeping the villagers of Pontypandy shire safe from fires of every ilk.  I've never seen a town with so few residents and So. Many. Fires.  Get an extinguisher already!  But I digress.

What's Firefighter Mommy (yes, that's what my son now calls me) to do with her son's new-found obsession, aside from hide the matches?  Duh - use it to trick him into eating his dinner.  This girl is on fire.

After describing "growing" foods to him and explaining that he needs to eat his dinner to grow up big and strong like Fireman Sam, the duckling now asks after every meal if he is now big enough to drive a truck, save a kitten or climb onto the roof.

In case this whole "eat three more peas and I'll let you use the kitchen fire extinguisher" tactic ever goes stale, I've got backup (like any good firefighter).  Enter my growth chart wall.

In lieu of one of those hanging charts, I opted to use a narrow, 12" wall by the doorway to the kids' playroom, which is also visible from the can in our new bathroom.  I may or may not have been tinkling when I took this picture.  Nothing wrong with a little multitasking, especially when there's a dinosaur on the loose in your house.

I swear he's going to bite my ankles.

Back to my little babies.  I whipped up a little silhouette of each of them, which was the easy part.  Not so easy?  Finding round frames I liked.  It took a few weeks before I settled on these.  Still not obsessed, but I like them enough that I'll happily find a new home for them should I ever stumble upon the ideal round frames to replace them.  To that end, I knew I wanted to affix a little hair bow to the birdie's silhouette, which you can see in the first picture, but I was afraid to use anything too heavy duty and the sucker fell off.  I'm sure I'll get back around to it one day.

While I was on a silhouette making roll, I also made this little puppy for my friend Tina.  No, really, I made her a puppy.

That's her dog, Rickson, who's been on the blog (with Tina) before.  You can find our jewelry-making Q+A with Tina (and a few pics of the real Rickson) here.

PS - happy (early) birthday, Tina! mwah! xoxox

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