Sunday, February 3, 2013

Fishtail Bun Fairytale ( + Tutorial)

Once upon a time there was a girl who made hair tutorials that she shared with other fair maidens in a magical place called the interweb.   But after one dark and stormy night, the girl awoke with a strange premonition.  In a flash, she grabbed her magic wand, peed on it, and a pink plus sign appeared.  The girl fell into a deep slumber, traveling for nine months through a mystical place where butt creams, breast pumps and baby poop ruled the land.  But like any good heroine, she fought and won each hard-earned diaper battle, trekked through six months of new mommyhood, got the flu, lost five pounds and woke up one morning feeling, dare I say....normal.

I'm back, suckahs!  Here's my first (long overdue) hair tutorial to help you shake of the winter blues.


A few tips:

- The fishtail effect is more pronounced if, when joining the small piece with the large piece, you "thread" the small piece behind the big piece.  Think Figure 8.
- Dirty hair works great for this (and yes, I totally rock dirty hair all the time.  Exhibit A.)
- For a messier look, like the last photo, once your ponytail is done, pull the braid apart some as though you are stretching out a sweater you accidentally put in the dryer.

What do you think?

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