Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My Husband Wore A Women's Coat to Work

A few months ago I ordered a handful of brass name plates from a vintage store on etsy to add to the board and batten entryway project I wrote about here a few months ago.  I was dragging my feet until I came home one night and my babysitter told me that, in his rush to get out the door that morning, my husband had grabbed her black wool coat instead of his own black wool coat as he darted out of the house and into the car.

It took about 20 minutes for me to recover from the mental image of my husband running around New York City looking like this.


But once I did, I knew it was time to get on it, already. (For the record, my husband isn't fat, but come on, who can pass up the opportunity for a little Chris Farley in the morning?)

Here are the original name plates...

which I spray painted oil rubbed bronze to match the existing hooks and shelf brackets.  In order to avoid having to also spray paint nailheads, I picked up a $1.75 box of nearly-black carpet tacks to secure the plates to the wall.  It was my only inspired moment of January 2013.

I whipped up the labels on the computer, including one for each of the four of us, and three little messages for the remaining hooks.  The last one, not pictured below, says "don't forget to be awesome".

Then up they went in less time than it took for Kim and Khloe to fight, make up and then fight again (so, like, 12 minutes.  Gosh how I love the Kardashians).

Have you ever accidentally worn someone else's clothes?

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