Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Pin Pal Party Recap

Holy pinterest party. Last week I mentioned I was going to a pinterest party (for which I made these), and that I had a feeling these girls were going to bring out the big (glue) guns.  Let me tell you, these girls brought the heat. Literally, like homemade-beeswax-candles-complete-with-a-clever-brand-name-and-printed-labels hot.  Wiggity what? How amazing are these?

As predicted, the roundup of projects was truly a mix of "make, fake or bake" - "make" being lip balm, candles, rings and garland, "bake" included nutella cookies and conversation heart cheesecakes, and "fake" was the one girl who got pinterest confused with etsy and wasn't sure if she was supposed to buy something for everyone, so she gave up and brought mini cupcakes to the delight and raucous laughter of everyone.

Here's a recap of the crafts from the party.

What originally started as wire heart bracelets eventually became these darling bow (and heart) rings.  They look even sweeter with my new favorite nude nail color (which I coincidentally discovered from the same gal who made the rings and who was sweet enough to surprise me with my own bottle).  It's called "topless and barefoot" by essie.  It's the perfect in-between of taupe and pink without being too much of either. But I digress.

Here's "Local Lips" beeswax lip balm, made from wax from her boyfriend's aunt's bees in New Jersey.  She even printed ingredient labels, which she stuck on the back of these amazing fuschia tins from Container Store (which you can find here).

Here are my garlands, which I shared last week.  But enough about me.  Let's talk about the food.

There were nutella cookies, conversation heart cheesecakes and mini cupcakes, but I, um, well, I ate them all in the car on the way home before I could take pictures.  So sue me.

Below are the original inspiration pins.  Big thanks not only to the original creators of the projects (What. No mints?,  What Katie Ate, I Spy DIY, Eat Good 4 Life, Whole Living, Hungry Happenings and Linen, Lace and Love) but also to the gals (and good sports) who brought them to life.     

beeswax candles

nutella cookies

heart bracelets (which became rings and bows)

mini cupcakes

beeswax lip balm

conversation heart cheesecakes

paper garland

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