Monday, February 11, 2013

Rachel Zoe Likes My Hair Tutorials!

Friday morning Rachel Zoe appeared on Good Morning America to promote her new venture, DreamDry, a blowout and styling bar right here in NYC.  I'm fairly certain Rachel talked about her clothing line while she was there, too, but quite frankly I went deaf right about the time I saw this....the donut bun!

photo from
While her love of donuts may be in question, her love of donut buns certainly is not.  In fact, she loves donut buns so much that, like me, she offers two versions of the donut bun at DreamDry.  Get ready....

photo from
Look familiar? This is an exact match to my regal + rocker donut bun tutorials (although she calls them the Audrey + Audrey Undone).  Rachel Zoe is the Arnold to my Danny Devito.  We are clearly hair twins (and yes, she gets to be the tall handsome twin since she's more successful, better dressed, and can totally pull of bangs).

It goes without saying that I think DreamDry is a pretty wonderful concept, especially given that prices range from $20 - $40. I would only make three itty bitty tiny suggestions to put DreamDry over the top...

1. add the bow bun and the stay-put braided headband (totally serious)
2. add actual donuts (half joking, unless you offer me a donut, in which case I will eat it as well as the napkin it's served on, especially if there's a little powdered sugar on it)
3. add me as a consultant (just kidding! noi'mnotiwouldtotallydothisinaheartbeat. . . andyoucouldpaymeindonuts)

You can check out Rachel's segment here.  Mazel, Rachel!  (Call me!)


  1. I saw this last week. You are in good company as Rachel Zoe is my idol and I worship her like the Goddess she is (and no I am not even remotely joking).

    1. You know, that doesn't really surprise me! I think she's pretty great too. :)


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