Monday, February 4, 2013

(Throw Me A) Rope Bun Tutorial

Two hair tutorials in one week?  No, this isn't the apocalypse (and yes, I had to google how to spell "apocalypse").  If it were I'd be wearing a leotard and bedazzled hand glove, waving a handheld oscillating fan at my hair and performing a terrible rendition of "All The Single Ladies" in Times Square.  Yes, that's my plan for the end of days. Deal with it.

In case you missed my fishtail bun tutorial (+ fairytail) from earlier in the week, you can find it here.

And here's the next tutorial for y'all - the rope bun!

Here's the deal.  This is really easy.  The bun shown is a five-strand rope, which is a little more advanced.  I suggest starting with three strands as a trial run and then going for four or five strands once you "get" it.  If you start with five strands it may be hard to grasp (literally).

One more thing - "left" and "right" below is oriented based on you doing it yourself and looking up (or in front of you) at your hair.  So "right" is towards your right hand and "left" is towards your left hand...TWIST LEFT, WRAP RIGHT. 

A few notes:

- If you twist and wrap in the same direction, then your finished rope "braid" won't look any different than a regular bun.  That's a pretty good indicator you're wrapping in the wrong direction.
- The more strands you use, the more intricate the rope.  
- You can also wear the rope "braid" by itself just as a pony.  It won't unravel (magic!).

UPDATE: check out the rope braid headband video tutorial, which you can find here.


  1. woah.


    I've never been good with hair though.


    1. maybe i should do a little video. it's actually pretty easy, but sometimes the hard part is explaining it! :)


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