Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Fishtail French (AKA Faux French Braid Tutorial)

I know I learned in charm school in sixth grade that primping in public is mostly frowned upon, but I have this terrible habit of braiding/knotting/all-but-washing my hair on my way to work.  I'm fairly certain that Brooke Friend's mom (our charm school instructor and pageant mom extraordinaire) would also condemn my other morning commute habit of eating the leftovers I packed for lunch for breakfast. I get hungry.  Deal with it.

What I have learned based on girls' reactions to the random hair-coctions (that sounds so gross, but I'm totally leaving it) that I whip up on the bus is that girls are divided into two very resolute groups - those that know how to french braid and those that don't.  I happen to be of the former group, thanks to the summer my parents didn't send me to camp, but I feel for the girls who never learned.

I know what I've said about cheating before, but I'm taking it back, at least for the purposes of today's tutorial. Today I'm going to teach you not how to french braid, because I'm guessing if you wanted to learn you would've googled a "how to french braid" video by now.  No, today I'm teaching you how to cheat at a french braid.  Mwah ha ha.  Cheater cheater pumpkin eater.  Introducing the fishtail "french" braid.

Continue until you get to the desired endpoint.  Here I did half.

If all else fails, put a baby on it!

One more gratuitous baby shot. Here was her reaction when I told her we were going to be wearing matching hair bows for the picture.

Right after this I swear she rolled her eyes.  Twice.


  1. Thanks for the great reminder that your kids are never too young to be embarrassed by you ;)

    1. especially with yours truly at the helm. mother-daughter hairbows for life!

  2. Thank you for this tutorial! It's a pretty style that's deceptively easy to do. One small grammatical note, though: you are in the former group (the first one you mentioned, those who know how to French braid) rather than the latter (the second one you mentioned).

    (I am having some connection trouble, so I apologize if this comment appears more than once.)

    1. Tabitha - 1, Chrissann - 0. you are correct. I am of the former. :) thanks for the correction. hope you like the fishtail french!


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