Thursday, March 14, 2013

Heidi Braid # 2 - The Fishtail Heidi

Here's our second of seven ways to (next) Sunday (or the Sunday after that) of Heidi braids - the Fishtail Heidi.  In case you missed it, you can find the first, a disappearing Heidi braid, here

The Fishtail Heidi is as close as I come to fishing.  Listen, I don't mind the worms or the flappy fish or even the sea sickness.  The reason I hate fishing is because the sandwiches suck.  If you're going to put me on a boat in the middle of the ocean, at least bring a cheese plate and a bottle of prosecco.  Or a bottle of saki, an avocado, a little wasabi and a sushi chef.  

But back to the braids.  The fishtail Heidi is a fresher take on your traditional plaits.  Because I have so much hair, I can get away with two braids, however, if you have shorter hair, try dividing your hair into four sections - using the lower half of your hair to make two sections in the back (in the same location I do mine below) and using the upper half to make two more sections, one behind each ear.  Then, instead of pinning your braids as I do below, you'll pin the four into a full crown.  Imagine you are looking at the back of your head - one braid would go from 12 o'clock to three, one from 3 to 6, one from 6 to 9 and one from 9 to 12.  

What You'll Need:

- two hair elastics (put your hair into two low ponytails to start)
- two polybands
- a few bobby pins (I think I used six)


  1. I need to try these!!
    (BTW I think your photo order might be a bit mixed up in this one).

  2. right you are! (or were, since thanks to you it's now correct). xoxoxox thanks em.


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