Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Heidi Braid #4 - I Hot Cross Buns + I Cannot Lie

A few things.

1. I will never pass up the opportunity to misquote Sir Mix A Lot.
2. I was born on Easter and therefore have an unnatural affinity for all things Spring, including hot cross buns.
3. I spent a summer going to day camp at St. Catherine's School and wore my denim short overalls backwards no less than twice a week.  Blame Kris Kross.

Introducing the hot cross bun braid, the fourth in our series of seven ways to do a Heidi braid (here's where you can find versions one, two and three).

What You'll Need:

- two elastics
- two polybands
- a handful of bobby pins

Okay, also as a note, I'm not going to cover pinning your braids in place, because I've done that in both the second and third versions of the Heidi braid (links above).

Like all the rest, pin both braids in place, tucking the ends under and out of view.

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