Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Last Night I Slept with an International Male Model

Last night I got an email with the following clipping from On Madrid Magazine, a publication put out by El Pais in (you guessed it) Madrid.

Thanks to my four years at the J.R. Tucker High School Spanish Immersion Program, I was able to translate the blurb for my husband.

"For a while now, DIY tutorials on how to customize clothes or items have been taking the world by storm.  And, in many cases, it's real DIY professionals who show us the most original ideas and creations.  Such is the case with the blog Ducks In A Row and its author Chrissann, a party planner in New York who shares her creativity online.  Here she shows us how to make a pillow out of men's shirts.  Her husband, who served as the model, shows the shirt before its transformation.  If you like to sew and are short on pillows, these are not to be missed."

While I knew they were going to run the piece, I didn't know they were planning to include a photo of my guy.  And of course while I'm reading and re-reading the part where they call me a DIY professional (how do you say, "there must be some mistake here" in Spanish), my husband heard exactly one thing:

They called him a model.

Here's a recap of our conversation:

Mike: They called me a model

Me: In that you're modeling a shirt.

Mike: That's what models do.  This makes me a model.  In Europe.  I'm an international male model.

Me: Semantics.

Mike: What?

Me: Maybe you are a model after all.  

You can find the post on making these cojines (pillows) out of shirts aqui (or here).


  1. Baahaha! HE'S A MODEL! YOU SLEPT WITH A MODEL! Super cool that they picked your tutorial! :)

    1. Wouldn't be the first time (okay yes it would).

  2. hahhahaha I am from Spain and I can tell you that there is no mistake in your translation! I didn't saw it in the newspaper otherwise I would have reconised (I have it in my to do's in pinterest).However I have to tell you that is one of the main Spanish newspapers! Congrats!

    1. Wow thanks! Thanks for sharing not only that people read on Madrid but also that I got the translation right. Thanks so much for reaching out, you've made my day!


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