Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Heidi Braid #1 - The Disappearing Heidi Braid Tutorial

I have exactly two magic tricks.  I mean, yeah, I can steal your nose, but eventually you'll figure out that that wiggly thing in between my two fingers is just my thumb.  My "Geranium" by essie nail polish always gives it away.  My two magic tricks are as follows - I can flip a quarter from heads....to heads (seriously), and I can make a braid disappear.

I call it the Heidi (Braid) Houdini.

I know that there's a strict code of silence amongst the Burt Wonderstone's of the world when it comes to giving up the secrets behind a magic trick, but I've never been good at keeping secrets, so here's how I make my Heidi (Braid) Houdini disappear.

What You'll Need:

- a few bobby pins
- one polyband (two for shorter hair)
- a rubber band for the rest of your hair
- a cape (Just kidding.  No I'm not.  Capes are rad.)

If you have short hair, braid two separate sections.  If you're not feeling the four strand braid, try a fishtail braid, regular braid or even a rope braid.  And yes, you can now call me Choice-Ann Gasparro.  Nothing but options coming out of these here computer keys.  And letters.  Lots and lots of letters.

If you're doing two strands for shorter hair, pin both in place, overlapping the two near the top.

Pair your braid with any number of finishing styles, like a donut but, fishtail bun, rope bun, bow bun or even the date night updo.  It's like a "choose your own adventure" up in here.

Also, I think people usually mention this at the top of a post, but this is the first in a series of seven (whaaaaaa?) tutorials - we'll be doing the Heidi Braid Seven Ways to Sunday.  Or two Sundays from now.  I'm not good under pressure.


  1. Nice one! And I just laugh so much with the way you write! :D

    1. Thanks so much! Glad you like the tutorial (and a few giggles now and then). xo

  2. GAH. I will never have enough hair to accomplish this. Ever. Also I will never be able to braid as evenly as you do. Which means, of course, that one day, when my hair is longer, and straightened, I am going to make you play with my hair.


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