Saturday, March 16, 2013

What I Learned This Week

This week I learned that when your IT department learns that you have not backed up your iPhone since February of 2011, you will become "that girl".  They will laugh at you and call you Zach Morris.  I know this from experience.

Here are the other things I learned this week:

Max Martin should be President.

Stefon has the best plans for St. Patrick's Day.  This club has everything.

Don't stop believing.  Unless your dream is stupid.

I guess HuffPo already knew, but I figured out this week that Danny Castellano is in You've Got Mail for all of seven seconds.

My new goal in life is to have either one (or both) of my children voluntarily play piano duets with me when they reach adult hood.  (Bill Joel & his father Howard tickle the ivories together.)

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