Friday, March 22, 2013

What I Learned This Week

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The most exciting thing to happen to me this week was discovering that my grocery store has an iPhone app.  Everything this insinuates about my social  life is both sad and true.

Other Things I Learned This Week:

This made me giggle.

Justin Timberlake is still hoping we forget that he has curly hair. I'm not judging. Nobody ever said Japanese straightening and flat irons are only for women.

While everyone else is debating about women having it all, not having it all, staying home, working from home, leaning in, leaning out, blah blah blah...Mater Mea is upstaging them all with profiles of some seriously awesome women (along with gorgeous photographic evidence) that working moms can be happy.  If these women, shown in the company of their kids, don't have it all, well then they sure fooled me.

What I Learned About My Kids This Week:

If I ask my son whether the suspicious blob on his sock is poop and he says no, he's lying.

My daughter is getting so chubby that she has not one but two oxygen-deprived neck folds.  I think one is trying to eat the other.  It's gross.

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