Friday, April 12, 2013

Have a Nice Weekend

Mike and I are on our way to Boston to celebrate the wedding of my sweet friend from college, Theresa. We stumbled upon a Zagat-rated diner along the way....look at that revolving sign! More exciting than our imminent cheeseburger platter and chocolate malt is a weekend with my best girls.  

For the next 48 hours the following will be true:

- I will be referred to solely as "C-Box"
- someone will mention the red collared catsuit I wore to many a party in college
- I will make an ass of myself on the dance floor and I'm 100% okay with that
- someone will pee their pants
- I will cry when I see Theresa walk down the aisle

All of it will be awesome. See you next week.

Ps sorry for anyone who saw only the photo...blogging from the ole Pathfinder failed me. Xo

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