Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Heidi Braid #5 - Saving the Best for Last

Sorry I've been a little quieter than normal this week.  Blame Tom Hanks.

I'm back with the last of our Heidi braids.  And yes, you can stop counting...I know I said seven, and this is five, but I'm trying to teach the duckling about compromise, so can we agree to meet in the middle?  I knew you were a good sport.

So this is the "Untitled Project Heidi Braid", unless you entitle it "My Favorite", which is totally not fair to the other braids, but neither is shoe size (of which I drew the short stick), so we'll all just move on.

This is the Frankenstein of Heidi braids, landing somewhere between the disappearing Heidi braid and a Bump-It, which means Snooki has this bookmarked.  Thanks, Snooks.

While the braided headband is really quite a unique look, the bigger "aha" moment comes later, at the end.  i.e. "how I wore my Unnamed Heidi Braid the time I got Tom Hanks a Heineken".

Let's get started.

What You'll Need:

- a half a dozen bobby pins
- a teasing comb
- a polyband
- hairspray optional (but always a good idea)

Wait for it....

Bam.  Here's what I was talking about earlier.  The great thing about this style is that you can easily replace the braided headband with an actual headband, the one shown below bearing witness to the aforementioned Tom Hanks' Heineken wrangling.

Even better, the headband doesn't move.  You know when you try to wear a regular elastic headband and the jerk keeps sliding back? No longer, my friends.  Thank Tom Hanks.  He's my new headband spirit guide.  

PS - did you notice that I snuck a ponytail into one of the shots above?  Seriously, #5 Unnamed Heidi Braid is a ninja.

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