Wednesday, April 10, 2013

How to Spy on Your Neighbors (But in, Like, a Classy Way)

If you've ever looked at a fellow passenger on a crowded F train and said to yourself, 'I wonder what that person's day is like' then, one - I totally hope you didn't get caught staring because that's always a little embarrassing and two - I have an instagram feed for you to follow - NYC Baton.

Created by John de Guzman, NYC Baton is the city equivalent of your second grade class' "Student of the Day" bulletin board. Each day an instagram user is selected to post photos snapped throughout a typical day in their life in the city, accompanied by a description of what the photo is and, often, why they snapped it (which I find the most interesting component).  Let it be known that this sort of thing is totally my jam.  I've seen every "Friends Around the World" segment on Nick, Jr, including the one about little Vera's daily life in Italy.  Her dad makes pizza!    

Some samples...

Do the right thing by @nmackiel. I pretty frequently find myself defending New Yorkers against stereotypes, as my experience says we are generally thoughtful, compassionate folks. Sometimes, however, the grind of a commute causes us to zone out and women with babies are standing on the subway as MTA messages implore passengers to give up seats to these passengers. Just a friendly reminder to my fellow subway riders: be aware of others and do the right thing!

@Neilochka again. Had a late lunch with someone near Chelsea. This is the Maritime Hotel which has windows that look like portholes. Made me think about how NYC is a tough and competitive place with many ambitious and creative people. We each have to find a way to stand out, like a window slightly different than the rest. - posted in NYCbaton’s instagram account.

Go!99 Pizzeria on 86th has Korean BBQ pizza. It's 100% amazing. Alas, they only had one slice left when we got there. By @thatlalagirl #nyc #newyorkcity#newyork #manhattan #ues #pizza#go99 #food

"DP" by @guccijesus This is our Director of Photography or "DP," Andrew. He, like me, is a freelancer. Freelancers are a huge part of the NYC work force. If it's media, and it came from this city, nine times out of ten, freelancers made it happen.

I only have eyes for you. #love#iphonephotography via@charliegrosso

Hello Four Eyes -- Another huge part of my life is @nycinterns where I volunteer with social & events. Tonight we have some amazing speakers from@warbyparker #hugefangirl#livetweeting #liveinstagraming#creativecommunity // Photo by@lovelypumpkin

Today's contributor happens to be my friend Abby (@abbyjaye, for all you instagrammers)

Nature! Surprise! (By @abbyjaye) Since I work in Times Square, I do everything I can to avoid actually ENTERING it, but for you, baton-followers, I did, to see what I could see. And look what I found! They're putting in planters! With REAL FLOWERS. Mind = Blown. #timessquare#nyc #greenery #learningstuff

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