Friday, April 19, 2013

I turned 32 + Got a Facelift (aka Our 2nd Blogiversary)

My little blog turns two tomorrow, and in preparation for the big day, I got it a new outfit.  Introducing my blog, version 2.0....

I'm two years in to this blog, and I'm finally "almost getting it kind of together", to quote Hannah Horvath.  With almost 200 posts under my belt, I now have a better feel for what I really do around here (which is mostly take hair selfies, talk about farts and occasionally surprise myself with a diy project that gets published in Spain).

That said, the original moniker of "Ducks In A Row Events" wasn't exactly accurate anymore, seeing as how I long ago had an intervention with myself (what an awkward conversation that was) about what I really wanted this blog to be ("whatever the heck I want" being the answer) versus what it started out as (a wedding blog).

So as we enter year three, we are now.....Ducklings In A Row (dot com).  Where's that singing Expedia gnome when I need him?

And like with any new outfit, my little blog also got new accessories:

- a new website, (although the old one will continue to work, too. No need to update your bookmark)

- a new hair tutorial gallery

- a new diy gallery

- a totally new section that gathers all the random stuff I write about, such as the aforementioned post about farts

- a new bio + email

Want to know what I love more than all this new-fangled stuff we now have up?  Yep, you guessed it.  You.

THANK YOU.  THANK YOU. THANK YOU.  I have the best friends in the whole entire interweb.  You rock.  Thanks for coming here to hang out every once in a while. xo

PS - here's our first post and our first blogiversary post.


  1. It looks great! I love the new blog header.

    1. thanks, jenny! you just made my (birth)day! xoxo


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