Friday, April 26, 2013

Mac's Smack Giveaway Winner + What I Learned This Week

First Kiss in Moonrise Kingdom

Congrats to Abby J, who is the lucky recipient of our Mac's Smack gift pack giveaway!  And thanks again to McKenzie Payne for offering up her awesome lip balms and Ultimate Fix for the taking.  As moms of two kids each, McKenzie & I aren't big fans of picking favorites, so we've got a 10% discount on Macs Smack for everyone...enter PUCKERUP10 to receive a 10% discount on your next order. (Think Mother's Day.)

Speaking of firsts, there were lots of funny descriptions of your first kiss experience.  To quote the duckling, "I laughed so hard my feelings hurt".

What I Learned This Week about First Kisses:

1. there are lots of first kisses at summer nerd camps (not throwing only camp experience ever was at an international music camp in Michigan.  We were required to wear navy blue knickers, and no, I did not kiss any boys.)

Winner Abby J nabbed her first kiss at Field Geology camp, Katy-Did had her first kiss at a youth retreat, and Jenny O landed a smooch on a middle school gifted program field trip.

2. for the most part, first kisses aren't really that great....  

Diana Salameh described her first kiss (in a production of Grease, no less) as "gross/awesome". Devin was "horrified", and brooklynzoo made me giggle with "It was magical (not)".

3. or that memorable. 

More than one person, including Holli Flowers, dddhokie, lrob932, Adele, can't remember theirs!

Want to hear about mine?  It was with my husband on my wedding day.  Here's the video:

Have a great weekend!

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