Monday, April 1, 2013

Playing for Peeps

Easter was a bit of a wild card for us this year.  Too early, too cold, too grey and, with our extended family out of town this year, too small.  However nothing was going to stop me from dressing up the kids in their Sunday best, messing with their blood sugar for the sake of a decent picture and, of course (being from Virginia), purchasing a twelve-pound spiral ham.

Poor birdie got the shaft, being a wee bit young for all the sweets and meats.  Based on the stink eye she was giving us, I think we're going to need to have a talk with her about her attitude.  

Wait, he gets a cookie?


She was getting a little unruly so I had no choice but to put her in her crate.

Just kidding.  That's the (very dirty) underside to our outdoor chairs, which my husband clearly didn't clean after taking them out of the garage Saturday.

My grandmother (the kids' maternal great grandmother) sent the darling dress for the birdie. Isn't that so sweet? The duckling was calling the baby a "princess" all afternoon.  I think it was the bloomers and the rhinestone buckle.

We invited the duckling's friend from across the street over for an Easter egg hunt. I'm going to make him start wearing a blazer more often, because magically he became quite the gentleman, making sure his lady friend got plenty of eggs.

If I didn't have two big events this week, I might have tried to locate a blue bow tie for my guy for he could match his dapper frog basket.  Next year.

Did I mention ham?

Seriously, I love this stuff, even the wiggly parts.

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