Monday, April 8, 2013

Veronica Lake Hair How-To

Want to know a secret?  It's been nearly eight years since my first date with my husband, and ever since that warm night in October I've been harboring a secret that I've never before confessed to him.

The week before our first date, we were on the phone making dinner plans.  When he suggested we meet at 6:30, I panicked and told him that I couldn't meet until 7:30pm because I had to attend a work function from 5-7pm.  The thing goes....

There was no work function.  I just needed time after work to go home + curl my hair.  

OhmygoshIfeelsomuchbetter.  Whew.  And yeah, it's sort of embarrassing to admit, especially given that under normal circumstances I'm more of the type who forgets to brush my teeth before leaving the house (don't worry, Dr. Kogan, I keep a spare in my desk), but the stakes were high that night. It's not every night you go on a first date with your husband.  

Without further ado, here are the instructions for my fool-proof "come hither" Veronica Lake-inspired hair tutorial:

What You'll Need:

- curling iron (I used a 1" barrel with a clip.  You can get away with a smaller barrel, no smaller than 3/4", if your hair is closer to shoulder length rather than long like mine.  I wouldn't do any larger than 1")
- hair spray
- alligator-style hair clips to hold your curls in place as they cool (I use 16, but I have lots of hair)
- hair brush or comb

What You'll Do:

1. Start with straight, tangle-free hair (I used a root volumizer when blow-drying for the pics above, which was a first for me.  I didn't see much of a difference at the beginning, but six hours later my hair had lots more lift than usual.  I guess I'd say root volumizer is more of a marathon runner than a sprinter).

2. Section your hair across the top of your head from ear to ear (similar to where a headband would go).  Clip the back section out of the way.

3. Create your part.  I like a deep part that runs from your eyebrow arch back.  From your part to your ear will be one section.  Clip this.  Then divide the remaining section (the top of your head and other side) into two sections, creating three nearly even sections from ear to ear. Let's let Veronica show us.

4. Starting with section 3, select a small, horizontal portion of hair (as though you were making a cornrow).  Curl this section of hair under so that the curling iron is parallel to your head.  Release the curl gently from the iron and pin into place.

5. Repeat on the section of hair next to your last curl, heading toward the back.  Depending on how much hair you have, it could take anywhere from one to three curls to reach the back portion of hair.  Pin each curl into place when done. 

6. Repeat on all of section 3.  

7. Move to section 2 and continue in the same fashion, curling hair under.  

8. Repeat on section 1, but remember that "curling under" will mean curling in the opposite direction from sections 2 + 3, since it's on the opposite side of your part.

9.  Curl the back section in the same manner.  For what it's worth, I never pin the back into place.  You certainly can, and if your hair doesn't hold curl very well, you probably should.  I just find that I can get away with simply curling and brushing, but only in the back.  

10. Once the hair is cooled, starting at the bottom of section 3, release the bottom row of curls from the pins.  Holding the entire row with one hand, gently brush the curls down, encouraging the two curls together to become section of hair.  Continue brushing until the curls have released somewhat.

11.  Working your way up section 3 and 2, release rows of pins and brush through, taking special care on the top section.

12. Repeat on section 1 and the back.  Spray hair with a flexible hairspray.

13.  Get your date on.

The hubs and I are going out with friends for margaritas + guacamole tonight.  Unfortunately there's nothing glamorous about me in front of a crock of guacamole. I'll consider it a victory if I can manage not to get any in my hair.  At least if I do, I've got the perfect hat to cover it up.


  1. this is gorgeous. I only hope my hair turns out this way! Thanks for the tutorial. =)

    1. Good luck, Nancy! Send pics! I'm sure you'll do great! watch out, vavavoom, here comes nancy.


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