Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What I Did(n't Do) This Weekend

Here I thought I'd be sharing photos of a new DIY project I had planned to complete this weekend, but instead all I have is this:

Boo. Hiss.  Somehow I ended up injuring myself with a staple gun (no, I didn't get a staple through the hand), although you're talking to the girl who has not one but two pieces of pencil lead in her body, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised I incurred an injury of some ilk.  Don't worry, it's not serious, just a little sore.  So until my diy project is ready to share, I'll instead share a few pictures of the booty I picked up at last week's Confetti System sample sale, all of which are now adorning my office:

And you know I just couldn't leave without this awesome pink ditty in my sweaty little hands.  It's a rope.  Made out of paper. (And no, you should definitely not try to pull a 'brangelina' or 'clamato' name fusion with this one. Believe me, I tried. And failed.)

I also couldn't resist the box o' flowers, from which I cobbled together this pretty little arrangement.

What did you do this weekend?  Any injuries? Any flowers? Any sample sales? Anyone?  Anyone?.......Is this thing on?

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