Thursday, April 25, 2013

When Worlds Collide - Celebrity Edition

So as you guys know, I'm an event planner, doing mostly Broadway opening night parties and the Tony Awards Gala.  Last night I had the honor of doing this party, which also happened to be our last opening night party of the season.  Although there were a lot  of bold-faced names there, only one person in the crowd made me do a double-take...

This guy. Yep, that's Alex Williams, New York Times writer and husband to my mystical spirit guide of the interweb - Joanna Goddard.

Since I didn't have the chance to snap any pictures, I'm going to let Lena Dunham reenact the encounter for me.

ME: Alex!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?? Ur. Muh. Gurd.

ALEX: (nervous laughter) Yes?

ME:  Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.  OMG. You're Alex, Joanna Goddard's wife....I mean husband.  I love your wife.

ALEX:  Me too.

ME: OMGthat'ssoadorable. One time? Like, a year ago? Your wife posted a hair tutorial of mine on her blog? And, like, I almost died.  Literally. Like, the back left side of my brain exploded all over the wall.  I was eating pizza at the time.

ALEX:  That's gross.

ME:  Can we take a picture together?


ME:  Just kidding I took it anyways. Do want a kiss?

ALEX:  No.

ME: Good. Because i'm not giving you one.

ME:   I'm going to give you a kisspump. Kissssssss.....into a fist pump. Yesssssssssssssssss.  Did we just become best friends?

ALEX:  No.

ME:   I think we did.

ALEX:  Definitely not.

ME:  Too late. I already got your face tattooed on my back.

ME (to my staff):   Guys. Play it cool.  That's Alex Williams.  Don't embarrass me. (as I'm escorted out of the party by my own security team).

Okay, so I didn't get his face tattoo'ed on my back (it's on my leg), and Alex wasn't exactly at risk of a one-woman fan stampede.  He was gracious and engaging and handled my stage-five Joanna Goddard clinger interaction like a champ.  He shared that I'm far from the first person that's approached him to wax poetic about his wife and her blog (no surprise there), and that they are always thrilled and humbled to learn just how far-reaching her readership is, sharing a few recent anecdotes (including one from a dinner party in Korea).

It's funny to me that, a year after Joanna shared my bow bun (which I whipped up in a last-minute hair fix before a different opening night party), I found myself chatting about said bow bun at none other than another opening night party with her husband. If I think about it too hard, it makes my brain hurt.

Great meeting you, Alex!  I promise that the folks at Buttermilk Channel can vouch for my relative normalcy.  And please order the pecan pie sundae. It's insane.

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  1. How are there no comments yet? That was fucking hysterical.

  2. I loved this and I haven't the foggiest idea what's even going on. I got here from a wig tutorial and there was this incredibly funny post.


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