Monday, May 20, 2013

Bedroom Makeover (AKA the Time I Painted My Room on Painkillers)

I gave birth without an epidural and broke my hip doing the limbo in gym class, and if given the choice I'd take either one over dental work any day of the week.  It's a problem.  Even after a few doses of dentist-prescribed valium, a blast of laughing gas and a prayer to the tooth fairy, I still cried during my recent wisdom tooth extraction.  

The upside of my dental trauma? I painted my bedroom on valium and painkillers and I think it looks great. But that could be the drugs talking.

No wallflowers here.  Just lots and lots of dots.  

Okay, so maybe a few flowers.

I made the stencil myself, and the whole project (including the paint) cost me less than $30. I'll be sharing the how-to details in my next post.  

The brass sconces are hand-me-down's from my mom.  I haven't decided what color taper candles I want to put inside.  I'm taking suggestions.

Like the headboard?  I made it for $63.  I'll share a post with the how-to later this week.

Here's the nightstand I put together for the hubs.  

Here's my side of the bed.  If sappy stuff makes you nauseous then grab a barf bag - the framed note has been in my wallet for the past eight years.  It was attached to an arrangement of flowers my husband sent me when we were first dating and madly in like with each other.

For fun, here are two "before" photos, the first being from the day we moved in...

Although I know I took this picture, I have zero recollection of having done so. We moved exactly a week after the birdie was born, so most of the details of that week are a little blurry.

And here's the "after I got rid of the blue paint but before I added the stencil" shot...

All the details (including a finger blister) to follow in the next post.  What do you think?

PS - I just noticed that this is my 200th post.  How time flies when you're stenciling.

PPS - you can find the instructions for making your stencil here in this post.


  1. It's gorgeous! I love the trend in black spots right now, I am sharing on my blog and will link back here.


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