Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Duckling + Weeb: We Belong at the Funny Farm

Here are a few photos of the time we took the duckling + Weeb, best friends since birth, to a local garden center and told them it was a farm.

I think Weeb was onto us.  He looks awfully suspicious.

Yeah, like you've never taken your kids to a religious petting zoo before.    

Ps, isn't that shirt so cute? It used to belong to my husband when he was little, hence "Michael" on the back. Below is the front of the shirt in all its 1970's glittery iron-on glory.

I think one of the boys just told a poop joke.  

The baby didn't think it was funny.  Get over it, Baby, they weren't talking about you.  Sheesh. Girls are so sensitive.

My husband the sun god manages to catch a few rays everywhere we go.  I've decided that in a past life he was either a cat or a raisin.

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