Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I Got New Bluebs for Mother's Day

This year the kids (thanks to my lovely mother-in-law and her Costco membership) got me a blueberry bush for Mother's Day, which is the only thing I requested.  Well, that and being addressed as "Her Majesty" all day. No big deal.  I figure now that I live in the suburbs I should be growing my own oatmeal toppings.  Above is what happened when I asked the duckling to take a picture with my new plant.

Just a few weeks shy of his third birthday, I have to say the duckling is turning into a bit of a wise guy.  This photo is what I call "testing the limits".  I see that over-the-shoulder smirk about eighty seven times a day, or each and every time I ask him not to do something, so instead he does the classic "I'm not touching it" thing.  The above is "I'm not touching the shed with a screwdriver.....but I'm reeeeeeeeeeeally close.  But I'm not touching it.  Close.  Really close. Still not touching.  Are you watching this?"  Better the shed than his sister's face.

Did you have a nice Mother's Day?

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