Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Weight Is Over.

Call the Coast Guard. I bought a momkini.

The birdie is teething, which has resulted in her insistence that I snuggle her in the guest bedroom at least three nights a week.  I keep telling her it's too hot to spoon and that it's sort of gross how our muffin tops touch and then start co-sweating, but she doesn't care.

Last week I was lying with her, listening to her breathing slow when my mind wandered off to when I was pregnant with each of my babies and how hard it was to sleep. I couldn't flip over, I couldn't reach the covers I had kicked off in the night, and I was in a constant state of fear that I would smother my husband in his sleep like that cartoon of the fat lady with her missing chihuahua stuck to her butt.

I started counting. Including my two pregnancies and a miscarriage before the duckling (no really, it's okay), I had been pregnant for 94 out of 169 weeks between April 2009 and July 2012.  And I wasn't Kate Middleton pregnant.  I was National Zoo pregnant. During both pregnancies I eventually outweighed my husband. It was difficult on both of us.

But it's been nearly a year since the birdie was born. And as I lie there next to my sleeping, teething, sweaty-headed infant, I realized that I no longer felt I could or needed to describe myself as "post-baby".

I am (almost) back to (a new) normal.  And to celebrate, I bought a muffin-top & mom-boob friendly bathing suit I'm calling my momkini.  Now all I need is one of those visors moms wear under their bangs.


  1. Might need one of those - where is it from? :)

    1. first purchase from there. They are having a sale now, too. I needed a top that I could buy by bra size and a high-waisted bottom. Done and done. And reasonably priced! Bare necessities also sells bathing suits by bra size. Let me know how you make out!


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