Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Amagansett + Postagram

We spent this past weekend with Mike's brother and his lovely family in Amagansett.  We always have a great time with them, which is pretty easy to do. They are fun and gracious and they love wine and guacamole just as much as we do. If that's not a winning combination I don't know what is.

My littles were in  heaven with our three nephews around to play with, all of whom are infinitely sweet and patient with their younger cousins.

I thought it would be fun to send each of the boys a thank you note from their little cousins, so I jumped onto my newest obsession, Postagram, faster than you can say "Grab a Depends, Mama's going on the trampoline".

Do you know why I love Postagram so much? Because if there's one thing people like more than getting something in the mail, it's having that something be a picture of themselves.  It's also even easier than a traditional thank you card, since it costs a dollar, including postage, and I don't have to go to Duane Reade to buy stamps. Everybody wins. Here's the draft postcard from the birdie to her middle cousin thanking him for feeding her Cheerios and letting her kiss him on the lips.  It's the little things.

I sent my mom a Postagram after our visit to Virginia.  I asked her to send me a picture of herself with her postcard (by the way, the actual photo is perforated so you can pop it out and keep it).  She sent me this.

I asked her why she wasn't very excited about her Postagram.  She said she was, but that she was trying to be cool.  Mission accomplished, Mom. You're the coolest and I love you.  I hope the boys like their Postagrams as much as my mom liked hers.

Ps - you may have seen this photo over the weekend on my Instagram feed.  He's getting to be such a big boy, but he still has little baby toes.  I'll be so sad the day those go away, mostly because feet are gross.

Have you ever sent or received a Postagram before? Were you more or less excited than my mom?

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  1. Well of course your nephew was chill when Millie was kissing him on the lips, he had clearly just polished of a Corona.

    1. Yes. That's what we Southerners call "the babysitter".


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