Friday, July 19, 2013

If the Genes Fit, Wear Them

my mom holding my daughter, 2013

my mom holding me, 1981

Like any family, we spend a lot of time talking about who our kids more strongly resemble.  When the duckling was born, he most definitely favored my husband, which apparently is an actual "thing" (you can read about it here), but as time went on and the duckling started to get older (and chubbier), all of a sudden he turned into my mini me, which meant that I spent more time than I should have pulling together side-by-side comparisons of myself and the duckling to send to my husband to prove I was the superior parent  the resemblance.

me on what appears to be a failed Easter Egg hunt, circa 1984 (age 3)

the duckling on an Easter egg hunt, 2013 (age almost 3)

I no longer had to wonder what I would have looked like if I'd been a boy.

When the birdie was born, however, there was something just a little different about her.  Sure, she looks enough like us, but there was a variant I couldn't put my finger on (aside from the very obvious fact that she has blue eyes to our brown).  Even my husband agreed, wondering often and out loud if I'd had a thing with the mailman (except that our mailman is actually a woman, so no).

Then one day the answer arrived in the mail.

my mom

My daughter looks like my mom.

my mom (on left)

my daughter 

my mom (on the right)

my daughter

my mom

my daughter

my mom (on the right)

Do you see the resemblance, too, or am I nuts?

Ps - Cup of Jo had a a link up today to this cool photography project showing the physical similarities of family members.

Pps - the birdie turns one tomorrow. This is how I'm feeling about it.

A year? Really? Already? I mean, I'm happy for her and all, but I miss my little baby already. I'm not even pretending this is a healthy or normal response to one-dom.  Moms are nuts.


  1. How has it been a year?! Happy birthday birdie! I think you need some good champagne cocktails to get through it, Mama Duck. (She DOES look so much like your Mom--but can I add that pic of your Mom holding you, totally reminds me of you too, all three of you are beautiful! xo

    1. You are the best. Thank you. It goes so fast, a lesson I learned pretty quickly the first time around. Time flies when you're kissing babies. xoxo


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