Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My Son the Whistle Blower

One of the best parts about having ten uninterrupted days together on vacation was being able to remind my son that I'm actually sort of awesome.  He and I both love a good project, and with work and most chores out of the way for the week, I had nothing but time to co-captain his list of daily pursuits, most of which involved a whistle.

The boy loves a whistle.  Train conductor, lifeguard, fox hunter, tennis referee, boat captain, bell hop, if it involved a whistle we played it. I also got to wow him with my rudimentary engineering skills, building a train tunnel for him out of dixie cups, a cookie sheet and a dish towel, which earned me bonus points for the fact that said tunnel called for repeated and enthusiastic whistle deployments.

He even brought his whistle on our impromptu kayaking excursion, paddling out to "the flats", a series of sandbars just across the water from the house.  This was the best picture we could nab in the kayak because the duckling was distracted by a baby crab on the shore.

Here we are out on the flats. I'm wearing my momkini - doesn't it make me look small?

The fun continued with his first boat ride (thanks to the sweet and doting Uncle Chris & Aunt Cheryl). Between the sun, the wind and the rocking, the nearly inexhaustible duckling finally met his match. 

I thought for sure he'd wake up when we docked, but I ended up having to carry him and his dangling limbs back to the house and into bed.

This is by far the most elaborate scheme he's hatched to date to avoid brushing his teeth before bed.

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