Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Second Child Syndrome - The Birdie's First Birthday "Party"

Lest my daughter claim she's the victim of second child syndrome, I will say this about her first birthday celebration last weekend. We went to an ice cream parlor (just like for her brother), she wore a darling outfit (just like her brother), people sang (just like her brother) and there were lots of people there (just like her brother). Does it matter that we didn't know any of them?

As we started talking about what to do for the birdie's birthday, my lovely mother-in-law suggested the Surflight Theatre, a summer stock theatre troupe that put on plays and musicals by night and scoop ice cream (and sing!) by day on Long Beach Island, NJ.  I was certain the kids, especially the duckling, would lose their minds at the singing! and dancing! and jazz hands! and funny hats!

Seriously, guys. Calm down. Your enthusiasm is embarrassing me.

But then the ice cream came.

Okay, that's better.

Grandma & Grandpa loved watching the kids be kids, as always.

I should also mention that about three weeks ago birdie realized she has a dad.  It was a slow build but she's officially obsessed. I don't blame her. He's a good kisser.

I think she may even be competing with me for his attention. Look at the shade she's throwing my way in this picture. If that stink-eye doesn't say, "back off before I cut you", I don't know what does.

All in all we had a wonderful time (I think).

Guys! Hats! Sheesh. Tough crowd.


  1. Dear Millie,

    FIrst, you have the best mom ever.

    Second, when that mom was describing your birthday outing, I somehow thought daddy wouldn't be in attendance. Mostly because I DO think mommy is the superior parent.

    Third, have you lost weight?

    your real friend Diana

  2. Dear Diana,

    First, my mom is fine I guess, although all the words on her blog puts me to sleep. I only come here to see pictures of myself.

    Second, I invited my dad because I've got a long game going. and that long game is called a puppy.

    Third, yes. thanks for noticing. It's been a lot of work but I cut my naps back from four hours to three and it's really made a difference.


    your real(ly cute) friend Millie

    PS - pleeeeeease don't tell my mom I know her blogger password. mkay thanks. xo


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