Thursday, July 18, 2013

Shoulder Length Hair Tutorial - The Chestnut Bun

I owe you an apology.  Well, possibly you. I can't see you right now, but if you've got shoulder-lengthed hair, then I'm sorry.  Really.

You've been sitting there so patiently, watching tutorial after tutorial pop up here, smiling politely while I prance around to and fro flipping my hair back and forth like a real jerk. I'm sorry, my shoulder-length-haired friends. I didn't mean to be so insensitive to your shoulder-lengthed hair needs.

Sure, plenty of previous tutorials work with shorter hair (like this, this, this and this) but none to date that, in my humble opinion, actually work better on hair shorter than mine.  Until today.  Today I'm doing the chestnut bun just for you.

The chestnut bun is really quite fabulous.  It's one step up from your day-to-day hair (but just as easy) and is perfect for that after-work event where you care enough that want to look good but don't care enough that you are willing to give up your lunch break for a blowout.

Speaking of giving up your lunch break, I recruited the lovely Leslie to be my first non-self hair tutorial model.  I have to say I loved doing a tutorial on someone else for a change. It was so much easier than taking half a million awkward selfies in our playroom while the kids nap.

And Leslie couldn't be a better sport.  And when I say she's a sport I mean it literally. Girlfriend is an Ironwoman, as in jump in a lake fully clothed, swim 1.2 miles, peddle 56 miles in a soggy sports bra and then run 13.1 miles like it's no big deal.  Underneath the pretty smile, Alexis Bittar bangle and butterfly blouse clasp is a bad-ass warrior princess, but like, the nice & thoughtful kind of warrior princess who will send you a card for your birthday but also use her J. Crew pumps as a pick axe in order to scale the side of a building.  In mascara. Without breaking a sweat.

So here are the super simple steps to creating your own chestnut bun.

Isn't the chestnut bun so lovely?  Isn't Leslie so lovely? Together they make a pretty pair, don't you think?

Ps - thanks, Leslie!


  1. Oh man, Leslie is such a cool chick. Your description is hilarious/awesome.

  2. Nice!!
    being a warrior princess is really something we all need a little bit


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