Monday, August 5, 2013

Bring The Beat In AKA I'm Going to See Beyonce in Brooklyn Tonight

photo from Beyonce's Tumblr
Guys. I'm going to see Beyonce tonight. In Brooklyn. At the Barclays Center. I can't contain myself.  Say what you will about Beyonce, just don't say it to my face or I will cut you.

I don't have her face tattoo'ed on my calf or anything, but I really do think Beyonce is pretty fabulous. And since I'm sorry you can't come with me (unless you are Beth, in which case I'll see you at 8!), I'm sharing a few links from around the interweb to bring you a smile, all of which are coincidentally NYC themed.


If you've ever been on the subway in NYC, you've probably seen this, but never quite like this.  Even my husband giggled at this one (thanks for sharing this with me, Rooker!)

Humans of New York
"Hurry up, my leg's starting to hurt."

If you can get through ten portraits on Humans of New York without smiling or wanting to give the person a hug then congratulations, you're a cyborg.  This amazingly personal and uplifting site brings a human face (and a sense of community) to that infamous group of people called "New Yorkers".  Some of the stories people share are truly unbelievable.  They even sent a boy to horse camp!

Jay Z's "Where I'm From"

Here's a 24 minute documentary on Jay Z entitled "Where I'm From", which I've included for two reasons, the first being his involvement with the Barclays Center, the location of tonight's concert, and the second being that there's a funny clip in the film where Jay Z rides the subway and sits next to an elderly lady who doesn't know who he is (at first).  Even without knowing who he is, she tells him she's proud of him. Grandmothers are awesome.

Here's the full video, cued to his subway ride:

Also, did you ever see our old NYC posts?  Here's my favorite places to eat when visiting NYC (which I should update) and how to hail a cab & ride the subway in NYC.

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