Monday, August 26, 2013

'Orange Is The New Black' Gossip

Want to hear some gossip about Orange Is The New Black? One of my husband's clients just landed a role on Season Two of the show, and I was really surprised to learn what character he'll be playing.... (it's a semi-spoiler alert, so click here if you just have to know).

Do you watch Orange Is The New Black? I started watching because of this guy (who my husband also represents) and then, well, never stopped. In the course of a week I managed to watch all 13 episodes thanks to some earlier-than-usual bedtimes for the kids and some later-than-usual bedtimes for me.

If you haven't seen it or heard about the Netflix series, it's based on this memoir by Piper Kerman, a blond Smith College graduate whose brief stint trafficking drug money for an ex-girlfriend right after college catches up to her ten years later in the form of a year-long prison sentence.

Here's what I've learned from the show - I never want to go to jail.

What shows are you hooked on?

Ps - You can read about how accurate the show's portrayal of life in a women's prison (and the things they do with maxi pads) here and here.

Pps - You can find an interview with Piper Kerman here about her show vs. her memoir vs. her real-life experience. 

Ppps - This is an interesting interview with show creator Jenji Kohan about how she uses Piper's character as a "Trojan horse" to tell the stories of her fellow (more diverse) inmates.

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