Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Puerto Rico Redux

So my husband surprised me with a long weekend in Puerto Rico in celebration of our sixth anniversary.

It was a bit of a rough start (note to self: don't drink something called 'the Carlos Danger' the night before your husband wakes you up at 4am to catch a flight you didn't know you were taking), but after it all sank in (along with a Coke and a bag of animal crackers), I was giddy at the prospect of spending a long weekend with my handsome husband, drinking pina coladas in Puerto Rico.

And just when I didn't think it could get better, I found out there would be paddleboards.  

As much as I loved our honeymoon, I have to say that in a lot of ways this trip was even better, enabling us to really reflect on our six years together and, equally as satisfying, relish in the relative quiet of a weekend with no kids.

Quite simply, I felt like a girl in love with a boy in paradise.


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