Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Summer Scarf Headband Tutorial

There used to be a time when I didn't wear a scarf-turned-turban on the beach, and that time was never. 

Blame Madonna in A League of Their Own or Pheobe Cates in Shag or Susan Sarandon in Thelma & Louise or my parents for apparently letting me watch a lot of chick flicks in the 80's, but I have a longstanding love affair with a good old-fashioned glamazon headscarf.  I've got three ways to wear a head scarf for you, all of which are more "maybe she watches Girls" and less "maybe she's going to drive this car off a cliff".

The first of three is the scarf headband, which is the gateway style to the following two headscarves - the full turban and the heidi scarf (which, as a bonus, also results in lovely beach waves), both of which I'll share in the following two posts.

What You'll Need:

- a scarf: I'm using a straight up rectangular scarf, although you could just as easily use a square scarf (a la Hermès).  Either way, you'll want to fold your scarf until it's 2-4 inches wide (although if you're using a square it will taper at the ends, which is totally fine).

1. place the center of your scarf on the back of your head.  In order to avoid an unpleasant hair pouf above your scarf, you'll want to slide the scarf down with one hand while you bring the front pieces up with the other.  This will eliminate any chance of an unsightly hair muffin top.

2. Twist the two tails so that one is at 6pm and one is at 12pm.

3.Twist again a quarter turn in the same direction, bringing the two "tails" around to the back and creating a U-shaped knot.

4. Tie the two tails in the back and, if desired, tuck the loose tails into the headband.


Ps- Asos & Forever 21 usually have a good variety of lightweight scarves, although they will soon be replaced with winter scarves, so grab one fast before summer's over. You can also buy a pre-knotted headband here.

The turban and heidi scarf to follow...stay tuned. xo

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