Tuesday, August 13, 2013

To The Left, To The Left AKA International Lefthanders Day

photo from here

Today is International Left Handers Day, which means ten percent of you just did a left-handed fist pump.

There are all sorts of facts about lefties, most of which are either about us being alcoholic, schizophrenic or dyslexic or about how we're going to die. I like to focus on the positive, which basically means focusing on famous people who are left-handed and haven't died yet, like:

Justin Bieber
Celine Dion
Brad and Angelina
Prince William
Jerry Seinfeld
Opraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah (who is also an ENFJ, like myself, so basically we're twins)
4 of the past 7 presidents - Obama (also an ENFJ, so now we're triplets), Clinton, H.W. Bush & Ford

My husband and son are both righties, but there's still hope that the birdie will be a leftie, which means that in addition to teaching her how to apply eyeliner, I'll also get to teach her how to wrestle a butter knife and make backwards check marks.

I know I'm painting a pretty grim picture of left-handedness, but there is an upside, which is meeting other lefties.  There's an unspoken bond innately rooted between fellow southpaws, sort of like how people who drive Jeep Wranglers wave to other people on the road also driving Jeep Wranglers.

Are you a leftie, too?  Today's your day! High (left-handed) five.


  1. Not a lefty, but I have a soft spot in my heart for them. And one of my favourite (formerly local) restaurants is an ode to lefty's. Their menu's are left-handed (think about it!), and kids who are left handed, get stickers.

    1. I love that. I thought i was REALLY cool in third grade because I had a left-handed spiral notebook, which I had forgotten about until you mentioned the menu! :)


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