Thursday, August 1, 2013

Travelling Alone with a Baby + An Adult Car Trip Game for Nerds

This is either Grandmother or Taylor Swift
This weekend the birdie and I are off to Florida for a four-generation girls' weekend to include my mom and Grandmother (which I capitalize because that's what we call her. Grandmother.).

Some trivia that not even my husband finds interesting:

1. There will be three of five total generations of women with the middle name Elizabeth present, Grandmother being the odd woman out since her older sister Jemima was given 'Elizabeth' first.

2. Grandmother's sister, Jemima Elizabeth, was named after her own mother, also Jemima Elizabeth. How's that for progressive?

3. I was eight when I realized that the rest of the world found it hilarious that I had an Aunt Jemima.

I'm not really nervous about flying alone with a baby, mostly because I inherited an awesome carseat/stroller from my sister-in-law, which looks something like this one from Amazon:

I'm sure we will do just fine, and of course once we get there I won't see her for hours because my mom and Grandmother are going to eat her (in a nice way).

Switching gears for a second...

photo from here

Yesterday I wrote about car trip games for toddlers, which reminded me of a game we used to play in college on road trips.  This is the best game ever for a car full of people who are into things like spelling, so basically party animals. I asked my friend Theresa what the game was called, since I was fairly certain she introduced us to it, but she didn't think it had a name.  I strongly feel that every game needs a name so I'm calling it Boop Noggins.

How to Play Boop Noggins

Object: The object of the game is NOT to spell a word.  Please. Contain your excitement.

How You Play:

1. Designate someone to start by throwing out a letter.  Did you pick 'A'? You lose. 'A' is a word, as is 'I'. Start again. Throw out another letter.  How about 'T'?

2. Going in order of people in the car, the next person adds a letter to 'T' without spelling a word. For instance, add an 'H', but not an 'O', since T-O is a word. The next person would then avoid an 'E' (THE) or 'Y' (THY), maybe opting for 'I', followed by the next person's 'R'.  T-H-I-R...D you lose. Instead go for a 'T', T-H-I-R-T and hope the person next to you does a Y instead of an E (which would result in you being the N in T-H-I-R-T-E-E-N).

3. The person whose letter ends a word loses. Just like in Scrabble, you need to be able to justify your letter choice, meaning you can't select a nonsense letter without having an actual word you could spell from your choice.

You're either asleep or really excited right now.  Like I said, this game isn't for everyone.

I've never played it with my husband because he spells the bag of stuff you take on a trip to use in the bathroom "toilet trees".

Have a great weekend.

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