Thursday, September 19, 2013

Lovers in the Parking Lot + Other Stuff From Around The Web

Solange (from Beyonce's Instagram)

I can't stop watching Solange's new video for Lovers in the Parking Lot.  In related news, I also can't stop googling "where to buy light up shoe laces".

For all I know, everyone already knew about this interesting dating project, and I'm over here like, "hey guys, look what I found!", and you're all like, "Um, yeah. We know. Welcome to 2013." But my kids have been away for three nights, and I'm filling the void with random tidbits from the internet as well as a looped slideshow of the 1,587 photos of my kids on my iPhone. #imissmybabies

Have you ever watched any of the "Seven Minutes in Heaven" interviews?  The host, Mike O'Brien, has been a writer on SNL for a while but has recently been tapped to join the cast. Here's his interview with Kristin Wiig, which he conducts in a closet (hence the name). Oh, and he tries to kiss everyone at the end of the interview.

If you follow me on Instagram, then you may have seen my Marchesa for Revlon nail appliques.  Mike brought back six sets for me from the Toronto Int'l Film Festival. I can say with a fair degree of certainty that this is the only Marchesa I will ever wear, unless of course it's Marchesa for Target (#sensibleshopper).  I wanted to share a link for purchase but it looks like it's a few weeks still until they're released in the U.S.

In honor of #tbt and Lovers in the Parking Lot, this was the only photo I could find of myself with my lover in a parking lot. The photo is from December 2005/January 2006 when I took Mike to Virginia for the first time, which naturally involved a trip to my favorite barbeque restaurant, pictured below.  My feet are cut off in the photo, so I'm going to assume I'm wearing light-up shoe laces.

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