Monday, September 16, 2013

Visitors Map DIY Update

How was your weekend? Over the course of 72 hours we had four separate sets of house guests, eight people in total from Thursday to Sunday, which we somehow managed to pull off without a single trip to the grocery store (although I did buy guacamole at Target, does that count?).

I happen to love having house guests, especially when they all go back far enough that they a.) were at your wedding and b.) don't care that you wear sweatpants to the dinner table.

Sunday afternoon I noticed that "Frankie" (and by "Frankie" I mean Frankie's parents, Bridget and Eamon, since Frankie is 2), added a pin to our visitor map board. While I was looking, I also discovered that my niece Sophia snuck a pin up when she visited for the duckling's 3rd birthday party.

I would say I'm embarrassed by how happy my pins make me, but I would be lying because I'm not embarrassed in the least.  I love my pins as much as I love wearing sweatpants at the dinner table with friends (and guacamole and wine) while our kids pull each other around the neighborhood in a miniature wagon wearing no pants.

Nothing embarrassing about that. Friends are the best.

Photo: Holdon And Frankie

You can find my visitor pin project here in case you missed it.

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