Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween: The Police Officer + The Donut

Remember that Halloween video where Jimmy Kimmel had parents trick their kids into thinking they had eaten all of their kids' Halloween bounty? Yeah, that's sort of how the birdie's donut costume reveal went down.  Our town had a store-to-store Halloween on Sunday, so we got the kids dressed up for a dry run of Thursday's "big show".  If you follow me on Instagram, then you may have seen a sneak peek of the donut costume I made her while drinking wine in my sweatpants and watching The Mindy Project on demand.  I wanted to dress the littles up together, and once the duckling decided he wanted to be a police officer, the birdie's fate as a donut was sealed.  

At first she was pumped to discover her costume. Not unlike those edible necklaces we wore as a kid, I think she actually thought I had placed a baby-sized donut around her neck for her to snack on in the car. 

Once she tried picking off a sprinkle, she got wise. 

And then she got sad. 

Want to break a kid's heart? Give them a fake donut. Needless to say her day was ruined.  

But the duckling had a blast. He had never been trick-or-treating before (thanks, Sandy), so this was a first for him.

Although he had been preparing himself for days, I don't think it occurred to him that other boys and girls would be dressed up too, let alone as police officers. (hashtag "who wore it best?" hashtag "b**** stole my look")

Although the duckling is allergic to egg, tree nuts and peanuts, which means that lots of the candy is actually off limits, he still made out like a bandit, consuming enough candy to send him buzzing around the house for the rest of the afternoon.  He didn't stop moving until three hours later, when I found him in a heap on my bed watching Caillou.  No one said being a cop is easy. 


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