Tuesday, October 8, 2013


the duckling's mean face when someone is breaking the law

I'll give you one guess as to what the duckling's going to be for Halloween.  Yep, a police officer. This kid's obsession with first responders is pretty impressive.  Every day he bounces between EMT worker, doctor, police officer and fireman with a garbage man and "lawn guy" thrown in for good measure.  Apparently he's slowly working his way through all of the Village People. He's go so many personalities my husband calls him 'Cybil'.

So yeah, police officer.  He wants his sister to be a "pumpkin bear", which I'm guessing is a baby in a bear costume in a pumpkin costume.  That's a little too meta for me, so I've got something else in mind.  Stay tuned.

Ps - check out the video I posted of this guy making an eyelash wish yesterday on Instagram. Yes, it's police-related.  (Do you make wishes on eyelashes, too?)

Pps - I'm really excited for Halloween this year, last year's being cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy.  You can see the duckling's homemade (and unused) costume here.

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