Friday, October 18, 2013

Happy Kim K. Friday

Happy Friday!  Here's something I never thought I'd say - I'm wearing the same thing as Kim Kardashian today.

I wandered into the MAC store in Times Square this week to ask for some much needed help mastering a nude lip color. After trying on a few shades, I settled on something called Angel, which the sales girl was quick to inform me was Kim Kardashian's favorite lipstick. Sold, unless it means I have to make out with Kanye West.

With a date night on the horizon at our favorite restaurant tonight, I gave the Angel Lipglass a go (instead of the lipstick), giving myself a mini-makeover in the ladies' room at work followed by a random selfie sesh (if anything says "Kim K" it's a selfie. I blame the lip gloss).

I've heard that the ELF brand lipstick in Classy is a really good (and cheaper) swap for the "real" thing, pictured here.

Are you wearing any new lip colors these days? Are you going to try this season's wine-stained lips? I tried. And failed.


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