Thursday, October 10, 2013

In The Year 2020 - A (Flying) Time Capsule Project

I'm still feeling a little guilty about the birdie's first birthday party. Try as I may have to pretend she didn't, the truth is she got chinced.

Although I can't undo what's been (not) done as far as her first birthday goes, I can do my best to level the playing field from here on out, and in an effort to make up for lost parties time, I whipped up a special project for her to open on her 18th birthday, just like I did when the duckling turned one.

Presenting the birdie's airplane mobile "time capsule", which houses notes written to her by friends and family for her to read on her 18th birthday.

In related "coming clean" news, getting this project up on the blog took me.....two months. Do you know what you can do in two months? A lot. You can complete 2/3 of P90X, grow a half a dozen Chia pets or watch all of Breaking Bad. I did none of these. I'm still chubby, I have no head of herb-hair, and I have no idea who Walter White is. You'll notice some of the photos are from our August trip to Puerto Rico. That's how long this thing has been in the works, and not because it's particularly time consuming but because it took me that long to get 'er done and take pics (hashtag working mom problems).

So, two months later, here's how I made my sweet baby girl's flying mobile, complete with love notes from friends and family and even a hand drawn cartoon from the talented and handsome Brady Smith.  Just like the duckling's milk bottle full of notes, my little birdie baby will open her paper airplane letters when she turns 18, discovering letters and wishes from her grandparents, aunts, guncles, friends and parents written to her now, while she's one. It's sweet. It makes me happy.

Here are the instructions, which I started during our surprise trip.  In related news, thanks to my husband duping me into thinking we would be driving instead of flying, I learned first-hand that you can now bring scissors on an airplane.

What You'll Need:
- Notes from friends and family
- string
- scissors
- pin (or something pointy to poke holes in your airplanes)
- thread (I used red)
- cotton balls
- mod podge or other adhesive
- embroidery hoop or cross stitch circle (I got mine at Michael's for less than $2)

What You'll Do:

1. Fold all your notes into paper airplanes.

2. Gather your circle, scissors, thread, pin and planes.

3. To hang your planes, poke four holes in a square towards the front of your plane.

4. Thread string as shown below.

5. Pull thread tails tight, centering so plane hangs level.

6. Tie the first plane to the center of the circle.

7. Continue hanging planes in evenly spaced placements until all are attached.  Here is the "rough draft" hanging from a tree in Puerto Rico (and yes, people stared as I hung and photographed rand-o paper airplanes hanging from a tree in Puerto Rico....hashtag blogger problems).

8. Glue your cotton balls to the circle, dry and hang using extra thread. I also considered making tissue paper pom poms in pink but decided on the cotton balls instead. And yes, I'm dying to get rid of the popcorn ceiling in her room. I actually caught my hair on the spiky little nubs while hanging this. It grossed me out.

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