Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Indoor Tent How-To

I bribed the duckling with an episode of Caillou so that I could sneak into his room and nab some more photos of his indoor tent, which I still haven't been invited into, not that I'm bitter (I'm totally bitter). Admittedly this is one of the less universal projects I've tackled given that most rooms don't have tent-ready nooks, but I'm sharing the instructions below in the hopes it can serve as a jumping off point for a similar project for someone else.

Ps - find more photos of the finished tent here

What You'll Need: 

- fabric of your choosing (I bought three yards of this 57" wide blue ticking with some left over for eventual cushion covers)
- dowel (luckily the Home Depot pre-cut dowels are 48" wide, which was a happy accident. I bought one about 3/8" round)
- wood shim 48" (also purchased pre-cut at Home Depot, but from a different aisle in the wood section)
- stitch witchery & an iron (or a sewing machine)
- shower curtain rod holder set ($3 from Home Depot)
- all purpose adhesive (one that works on wood and fabric)
- hardware and tools: two screws, a level, a pencil and a drill
- optional: separate fabric and stitch witch for the letter on the front
- i also plan to add a yellow pom pom fringe like this

What You'll Do:
(For simplicity's sake, I'm going to use the dimensions needed for my tent, which was 48" across.  Feel free to adjust as needed)

- select your desired tent height for the front of the tent (mine was 34").  Install shower curtain brackets on either side of your nook.

- to create your front panels, divide your tent width (48") by two, or 24" each. Sew or stitch witch the two vertical sides and the bottom.  For the top, sew or stitch witch a 'sleeve' through which the rod will go.

- select the desired height for the back of the tent against the wall.  I made sure I could comfortably sit inside (in case I ever get an invitation).  Measure the distance from the spot you selected on the wall to the front of your tent where you installed your shower curtain rod holder.  Add 6" to the front (for an overhang and seam) and add 3" to the back (for the part that will be affixed to the wall.

- sew or stitch witch all sides, making sure the width is the same as your tent (in my case 48")

- on the underside of your awning where it will meet the rod and front panels, sew or stitch witch on three loops, one in the center and one on each end. The fabric in front of your loops will be the overhang. Although I haven't done it yet, I suggest sewing in or adding weights to the overhang, otherwise the weight of the awning fabric will pull it backwards.

- for the back of the awning, glue the fabric to your flat shim and allow to dry. Once dry, drill through the wood into the wall, ideally into studs.  I was able to get away with two, but if your tent is wider or heavier, you may need more.

- "thread" your round dowel first through the end loop of your awning, then through a front panel, then the center loop of your awning, followed by the second panel and final loop.

- insert the rod into the shower curtain rod holders.

- sit back and wait impatiently for an invitation to the tent party. #solonely #sigh

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