Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Kids Go Free to ANNIE on Broadway

Usually when I talk about my work it's in the context of parties (like this, this and this), but I just heard something so exciting I had to share (and then hug a pumpkin while wearing a wig and an Annie costume).

Me, hugging a pumpkin in an Annie costume sometime in the 80s. 
For the month of October, you will receive one free ticket for a child for every full-priced adult ticket purchased to evening performances to ANNIE on Broadway, some of which begin as early at 6:30pm. Check out for details and restrictions, and be sure to use the code GPFAM.

I'm thinking about going with the duckling, but only if I can convince him to dress up like Daddy Warbucks. In related news, where can I get a toddler-sized bald cap and three-piece suit?

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