Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The City Mouse + The Country Mouse

This weekend I took my son to play in a box of corn.

And ride a cow train.

And conquer a two-story slip-n-slide...

...travelling at .3% of the speed of light.

I'm still not sure how my husband (the "cautious" one) agreed to let our little Country Mouse do this, although if I had to guess I'd put my money on the klonopin I crushed up and sprinkled onto his apple cider doughnut. The things we do for our adventure-seeking children. Sorry, Mike, but now we're even for the time I was doped up post-tooth extraction and you let the kids eat popcorn on the couch. Still finding kernels, thankyouverymuch.

Do you know who was not amused by all the farmtastic activities?  My City Mouse. She hated the whole thing, probably because I wouldn't let her eat any of her dad's doughnut.  I guess I shouldn't be surprised by her not-so-subtle pouting when I remember how much she hated it last year, too.

The only time she was happy was while riding in the cow train with her grandpa, and that's only because she mistakenly thought she was in a parade.  Here she is, Miss Corn Train 2013, waving to her subjects. Augustus really wanted it to be true, too.

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