Monday, November 25, 2013

A Craft Only a Granny Could Love

Every weekend that doesn't involve glitter makes me die just a little on the inside.  Is that dramatic? 

Needing a little sparkle to get me through the upcoming holiday travel, I pulled together a little glitter-and-glue craft for the duckling to make to 'surprise' his Granny (who is the president of my blog fan club, naturally, so I'll save the big reveal for post-Thanksgiving. Hi, Mom. Love you. Yes, I promise to call when we leave the house. Yes, I'll drive safe. Yes, I know they are calling for rain. Yes, I got new wiper blades. Sheesh.)

I've been having trouble competing with Spider-Man cartoons on Netflix recently, so I pulled out the big guns to enlist my favorite helper - hot cocoa, which if we're being honest with ourselves is more like lukewarm cocoa.

These pictures literally make my heart hurt. He looks like his former baby self in the picture above, with his fat little face and long lashes.  And those wittle wips. I'm sorry. It's too much.  The baby moments are
so few and far between now that I find that I fuss over them a little too much.  Literally two hours before this photo he got a time out for saying the F word. Let me have my moment, mmmkay guys? Don't judge.

What are you doing for Thanksgiving? I hope it involves glitter and cocoa. xo 

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