Friday, November 29, 2013

Holiday Guide Day 1 of 26: Bar by the Numbers

Guess what!  It's officially the holidays!  And in the spirit of the season, I've been working on a little gift for you all - a grown-up advent calendar of sorts for you for the holiday season, and not the cheap kind with crappy chocolates no kid wants to eat. Nope, this advent calendar will include a post every day from now until Christmas Eve, covering a range of holiday-related topics like:

- holiday party hostess gifts
- hair tutorials to wear to dinners and shindigs
- tips for hosting holiday parties
- a few recipes and favorite cocktails

plus a few guest contributors along the's a party!

Today's post, the first, is a quick "bar by the numbers" to help you stock up on spirits for your holiday shindigs.  It can be overwhelming to stock a bar, but in my experience as an event planner, keeping it simple, especially at home, always works best - beer, wine, something sparkly perhaps, and a really good vodka at a diy martini station will keep everyone happy.  Use the guide above to help you calculate how much to buy. And don't forget to ask about case discounts and return policies.  Some liquor stores will let you return what you don't open.

So here we go!  1 down, 25 to go!  Happy Holiday (Guide)! xoxo

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