Saturday, November 30, 2013

Holiday Guide Day 2 of 26: Photo Place Settings

Here's a simple + lovely idea for personalizing your holiday place settings for day two of our holiday guide - slip a photo of each guest under a glass charger (or plate used as a charger).  Whether it's a formal dinner for family or a casual gathering of friends, order prints (I love this online Instagram print store) in advance to surprise your guests with a personal place setting....
When the charger is removed before dinner, you can encourage your guests to keep their photo (or collect them all to be displayed on a bar or dessert buffet).

Not familiar with chargers?  They are basically oversized, decorative plates that are placed at each place setting prior to guests sitting along with the flatware and stemware for each guest.  There is some flexibility with how long the charger stays on the table - I personally I like to remove the charger with the first course plate (whether it be a salad plate or soup bowl) when everyone is done with the first course, although general etiquette allows for the charger to be removed as early as when guests sit and as late as being swapped out for the entree plate.  Chargers are always removed prior to dessert.

Isn't my grandmother such a babe?  I still think she looks a bit like Taylor Swift.

You can purchase glass chargers here. I also often see glass chargers in an assortment of colors at Home Goods.  Do you use chargers? Are you a stickler for place settings?

Ps - When I was growing up I always used the "b" and "d" trick to remember which glass was mine at the dinner table - touch your first/pointer finger to your thumb on both hands.  The "b" is on your left hand, which is for your bread plate (on your left) and the "d" on your right hand stands for your "drink" to the right.

Pps - did you miss Day 1 of our holiday guide?  Check out the bar by the numbers guide here.

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